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In order to thank our loyal dealers and end-users, we have provided this
pace for photo images of your old mower you are proud of, a Locke mowers
that has been restored, or any property that is maintained with a Locke that
reflects the quality and beauty of the machine and the turf. send photos to
us by E-mail or regular mail. Include a short statement of
information to accompany the photo.


Mark Sullivan

Mark Webb

Locke Mower #202

John Taylor, Georgia

Locke Mower #4514

Mike Leavy

1970 Locke Mower

Bob Cavagna, Maryland

1948, model 5, 30" mower

Jack Wozniak

serial number 6F 705

Walt B

Commercial Series

Tom E. , Minnesota


Bud Souza, Rhode Island

1988 Locke

Matt Maloof, Maryland



Dave Ramirez

Andalusia Alabama

Rowe, Mississippi


Troy C. ,New York


Bill & Peggy, Connecticut


Chris Chamot

Wyley Ward, Andalusia,AL

Ed Lesko


Stephen Butzlaff

M Fitzgerald



   2003, Locke Turf