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Professional Locke 75" Riding Mower with 16HP and Hydrostatic Drive: FOR SALE!

2 purchasing options:

  1. $1600: As-is
  2. $6800: Fully serviced, sharpened with new shoes, bearings and engine tuned up. Includes one year warranty with full tune up.

Interested? Call Mike: 401-585-2213

Locke 25" with Reverse: SOLD!

Completely serviced and ready to cut grass. All we need to know is height of cut. $ 2,750 including one year warranty; parts and labor

Interested? Call Mike: 401-585-2213

Locke 75" with Reverse: SOLD!

Transmission rebuilt. 8HP Honda motor. Ready to cut grass. $4,750.00

Interested? Call Mike: 401-585-2213

Locke 30" with Honda Engine: SOLD!

One owner. Sharpened, and all tuned up. Ready to cut grass. Asking $4,2950.00

Interested? Call Mike: 401-585-2213

Locke 70" with Reverse: Great Sale Price!

8 hp Honda engine completely service with new carburetor. Reels been replaced first sharpening job. Replace bed knives and bearings and felts. Transmission has been rebuilt Ready to cut grass all it needs is someone to tell me the height of cut they desire so we can install the shoes One year warranty parts and labor now $4,595!

Interested? Call Mike: 401-585-2213

Why Locke? Nothing cuts like a Locke.

Because a quality reel mower will mow your lawn like no modern machine. Here are some examples of a Locke mowed lawn:


Repair, rebuilding and reservicing of select, high-quality machines

  • Locke Mowers
  • Gravely Mowers


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